How it works

Remote computer assistance involves connecting a specialist to your computer via the Internet to solve your tasks, such as removing a virus, cleaning the operating system, configuring programs , installing antivirus programs, optimizing the operating system, learning how to work, and much more.

Remote assistance services are at least two times cheaper than visiting a specialist. If you value your time or you need to repair your computer in a hard — to — reach place, or you don’t want to invite a specialist to your home and take your computer to a service center-remote computer repair is what you need!


You download the TeamViewer QuickSupport program from the site (this program is absolutely free). The program does not require installation on your computer, just run it by clicking the Run button. It will be saved in your Downloads folder. I can only connect to your computer when the program is running.

Tell us your ID and password, which will be specified in the program. ID is an identification number issued to You by the program. The ID for the computer remains constant, and the password is generated differently each time the program is started. When you start the program,do not close it, otherwise you will not be able to establish a connection.

Specialist uses the Internet to connect to Your computer and run diagnostics. After identifying the cause of the problem, He describe its solution and price. If the problem is simple, He will help you solve it. He also provide this service to my regular customers absolutely free of charge! When working through this program, You can see everything I do on the screen!